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Evaluation of radish genotypes with special study on sowing geometry at agricultural research institute, Tarnab, Peshawar

Horticulture International Journal
Shah Masaud Khan,1 Abid Ali,1 Ijaz Hussain,1 Muhammad Saeed,3 Izhar Hussain,1 Sardar Ali,1 Sher Aslam Khan,1 Naushad Ali,2 Muhammad Affan Khan,1 Irshad Ahmad Khan1


The research was carried out on the “Evaluation of Radish genotypes with special study on sowing geometry at Agricultural Research Institute, Tarnab Peshawar”. The experiment was laid out in randomized complete block design having three replications. The experiment comprised with two factors, one was sowing dates(19th Oct., 4th., Nov., and 19th Nov) and the other was different genotypes (Mino, Local Red and Local White). The data were recorded on Days to germination, Germination (%), Days to edible maturity, Number of leaves plant-1, Leaf length plant-1 (cm), Root length plant-1 (cm), Root diameter plant-1 (cm), root fresh weight (g), Plot weight (kg) and yield (t ha-1). Sowing dates significantly affected all yield parameters. Sowing of radish on 19th October has more number of Leaves (17.44 leaves) plant-1, Leaf length plant(22.611 cm), root length plant-1(24.058 cm), root diameter plant-1(3.12 cm) fresh root weight (503.95g), the maximum plot weight (50.90 kg plot-1) and higher yield (62.36t ha-1) was observed whereas the crop sown on 19th November showed the minimum days to germination (8.88 days), germination percentage (96.88%) and minimum days to maturity (53 days). Among genotypes Mino take minimum days to germinate(8.22 days), maximum germination percentage (99.22), minimum days to maturity (52.778), maximum number of leaves (19.44 leaves), leaf length (23.422 cm), greater root length (24.588 cm), maximum root diameter (3.53 cm), higher root fresh weight (536.62g), higher weight per plot (52.22 kg) and maximum yield (63.54t ha-1). The results emphasized that the suitable time of sowing for Mino genotype is 19th October for Peshawar.


raphanus sativus, local red, mino, local white and sowing time