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Economic okra plant act as a preventive-COVID-19 vaccine advanced horticulture agriculture environment biodiversity conservation science technology communication applications issues

Horticulture International Journal
Subhas Chandra Datta1,2


The most ‘Economically-Important Number-One Consumption-Vegetable-Crops,’ is lost by different pathogens like nematodes, causing the root-knot disease which is definitely controlled by different chemical-pesticides, and on the opposite hand, the pandemic coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) outbreaks of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) have emphasized the vulnerability of human populations to novel viral pressures, causing an emergent global pandemic and badly impacts on horticulture-agriculture-environment health socio-economy medical-pharmaceutical science-technology communication issues. So it’s an urgent have to develop potential epidemiological and biomedical preventing COVID-19 vaccines. And India emphasis on okra, the ‘Nature’s-Gift to Human-DiseaseFree-Healthy-Life’, and therefore the ultra-high-diluted biomedicines prepared from okra root, applied and confirmed by foliar spray@ 20 ml/plant each group respectively, are highly effective against the root-knot disease of okra, with increasing fresh-plant growth and fruit production. The high-diluted-biomedicines of okra, are simpler than the untreated ones and show the foremost potential confirmed end in all respects. The genetic-effects of ultra-high-diluted-biomedicines thought to induce systemic acquired resistance response of the treated plants through the expression of pathogenesis-related -proteins-genes (22 to 4 numbers), which are more or less similar molecular range (295kD to 11kD) of the many coronaviruses, and it’ll to blame for preventing root-knot and COVID-19 like variantvirus diseases by inducing defense-resistance or increasing innate-immunity, with the toxicfree world, and it should help to develop best potential new preventive treatments methods or drug or vaccines, within the field of ‘21st Century COVID-19 sort of a pandemic within the new normal situation in future, and confirms the “Economic okra Act as a PreventiveCOVID-19 Vaccine Advanced Horticulture Agriculture Environment Biodiversity Conservation Science Technology-Communication Applications”, and whole plant act as ‘Nature’s-Gift Preventive-COVID-19 Vaccine for All’.


okra, preventive-COVID-19-vaccine, advanced-horticulture-agriculture, environment-biodiversity-conservation, science-technology-communication-application