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Evaluation the needs of population from normative method: Romania 1989-2018

Sociology International Journal
Dr. Adina Mih?ilescu 

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This article presents the normative method, applied in Romania, in order to validate the population’s consumption by covering to a minimum the essential goods and services necessary for the individual and for his family, at home and in society. Further, the study presents the dynamics of the main incomes of the population in the time period 1990-2018, as well as their influence on consumption. The study concludes what are the needs of the Romanian population and to what extent they were met or not, during the period of time studied. In the period of time 1990-2018 the incomes of different families with children and pensioners could not keep up with the price increases on products and services on the market. This led to the deterioration of time in the quality of life of these families. The incomes or expenditures of the population provide a clear and concrete situation regarding the quality of life of the population and therefore contribute to actions, through socioeconomic policies oriented towards the benefit of the members of these societies. 


needs, income, decent minimum living, minimum of existence, quality of life