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The cytotoxicity assessment of beackea frutescens emulsion stabilizes with mixed surfactant system (sodium dodecyl sulphate: twenty 20) using HIG-82 cell line

Journal of Analytical & Pharmaceutical Research
Mohd Zul Helmi Rozaini,1 Anis Nadilla Ahmad,1,2 Mohd Fairuz Affandi Aziz,1 Mohd Safuan Azhar1

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The toxicity assessment shows the potential of beackea frustescence emulsion samples with IC50 value more than 30µg/mL were considered as non-toxic on HIG-82 cell lines. Thus, the four formulation samples were safe to be used on human skin. Beackea frutescens comes in the family of Mrytaceae and is well known aromatic and medicinal herb. In view of this it is more economical to grow and commercialize this product instead of importing other source of similar chemical properties such tea tree. In this study, six formulation of emulsion determined from phase diagram with mixed surfactant ratio 70:30 as it showed the largest liquid crystal region. This emulsion formulations consisting of different composition’s percentage of mixed surfactant (SDS: Tween 20): benzyl alcohol: water, 2.5g beeswax and 10 drops of Beackea frutescens essential oil. The stability of an emulsion also depends on the combination of surfactant and the surfactant mixing ratio.1


cytotoxicity, hig-82 cell lines, beackea frutescens, cosmetic emulsion, sodium dodecyl sulphate, tween 20