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Evaluation and space representation of the maximum surface runoff in watersheds

International Journal of Hydrology
Alain Paneque Martínez,1 Liber Galbán Rodríguez,2 Rosana Caridad Ramírez González3


In Cuba, regardless of the advances made in hydrological and hydraulic investigations related to floods, there are limitations with the detailed knowledge of the true maximum surface runoff or maximum flow that characterizes these phenomena in the season of intense rains, for which it is necessary to carry out complex hydrological study that, with the help of professional software and statistical techniques, help to determine and model spatially with certain reliability, the maximum water surface drained in watersheds. The general objective was pursued: To determine and represent spatially with the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and hydrological methods, the runoff or maximum flow produced by the intense rains in a watershed, selecting to exemplify the watershed from the Magdalena River to the south east of the Santiago de Cuba municipality. As a result was obtained in the first instance, that it is feasible to apply this procedure to know in a preliminary way what maximum flow is available at any point of a main river or tributary. This approximation constitutes a significant advance for subsequent work in other watersheds of Cuba or internationally.


watershed, runoff, spatial modelling, floods, procedure