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Educational spaces and environments: in times of Covid-19 pandemic

International Journal of Family & Community Medicine
Jailma Cruz da Silva,1 Orliel dos Santos de Jesus2

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The appearance of COVID-19 brought to Brazil, and to the world, innumerable methods to contain the increase of infected people. These methods are necessary to avoid the spread of the virus and include social distancing and quarantine of the population. Knowing that these methods have a big impact on the educational system. This study has as its objective to verify the process of teaching and learning, in educational spaces and environments, in times of a pandemic. In order to look for a pattern in established actions in educational programs to incorporate in large scale the tools of educational technology at a distance (distance learning), for example platforms and virtual teaching environments designed to guarantee the pedagogical processes of learning and ameliorate the impact of absence from the classroom during the pandemic, and its post-pandemic consequences. We emphasize the importance of the teacher as mediator, understanding that this professional should respect the different levels of learning of the students and try to carry out activities that help with the improvement of practical education for the appropriate environment and spaces of interaction.


educational environments, educational technologies, pandemic Covid-19 - distance learning, educational spaces – learning