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Pharmaceutical care and drug related problems: current implication of clinical management

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Pharmaceutical care is a practice in which the practitioner takes responsibility for a patient’s drug-related needs, and is held accountable for this commitment. The long-suffering is foremost to the hobby of the pharmacist. Pharmaceutical care is substantial building block of whole someness care and should be integrated with distinctive constituents of wholeness care. Pharmaceutical cares not withstanding furnished for the direct benefit of the long-suffering and the pharmacist is accountable directly to the long-suffering of that care. According to Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe classification volume 6.2, a drug related problem is ‘an event or circumstance enclosing drug therapy that actually or possibly interposes with desiderated wholeness consequences. The event could obviate or holding pattern the attainment of desiderated therapeutic intentions in long-suffering. According to Robert J.Cipolle text book of pharmaceutical care practice (3rd edition), drug related problems are classified into seven classes, based on problem associated with medication such as indication (unnecessary treatment & need for additional treatment), effectiveness (ineffective drug & dosage too low), safety (adverse drug reactions & dosage too high) and non-adherence).


pharmaceutical care, drug related problems, clinical management