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Consumers perception of aquaponics in Australia: A survey

Journal of Aquaculture & Marine Biology
Sadiqul Awal, Darren Bonnici

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Aquaponics, an integrated system with both hydroponic plant production and aquaculture fish production, is an expanding alternative agriculture system. Many key questions about the overall feasibility of aquaponic systems remain unanswered. Of particular concern for start-up and established producers alike are consumer perceptions and willingness to pay for aquaponic produce and fish. This study reports results and analysis of a consumer survey about perceptions and preferences for aquaponic-grown products that was conducted in Melbourne Metropolitan Area (MMA), Australia. The results represent a first step toward building knowledge about the potential consumer base for aquaponics, which is a critical piece in the system’s potential overall profitability. It appears that consumer education and marketing will be key for the expansion of the market.


aquaculture, hydroponics, shellfish, fisheries, aquaponic system, nutritional value, food, consumers