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Polypropylene prosthesis as cicatricial adjuvant after fasciotomy for compartment syndrome of the foot: Case report

MOJ Orthopedics & Rheumatology
José Martins Juliano Eustáquio,1 Leonardo Soares Ataíde Oliveira,Décio José de Oliveira Júnior,2 Thayla Carriço Mendes,2 Alberto Martins Fontoura Borges,Octávio Barbosa Neto3


The acute foot compartment syndrome is uncommon and occurs after high energy trauma. Your treatment is considered an orthopedic emergency and a fasciotomy becomes needed. However, after the inicial fase of damage control, the cover up of the incision is necessary. That can be done on the primary moment through parcial skin grafting or delayed primary, through the same technique or through direct suture. As an alternative, this case describes the use of polypropylene prosthesis, inicially described in musculoskeletal trauma of finger tips, as an adjunct to the healing process of foot fasciotomies. The main benefits of this technique are the achievement of one single surgical procedure and the absence of the typical morbidity that comes with skin grafting


compartment syndromes, fasciotomy, wound healing, foot, polypropylene