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Women’s jeans: influence of pressure in the sensation of comfort

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Luis F Folle,1 Fernanda C Theisen,2 Carla P Giuliano1

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Jeans are considered the most democratic of garments, but some of them may be uncomfortable and, in view of this fact, the objective of this study was to evaluate the comfort obtained by women's jeans considering the influence of the pressure perceived by the users and the measured by sensor film in the interaction of the jeans with the body. By means of a quantitative research of a correlational character, the data on the perception of the comfort of the women's jeans were collected by the application of a questionnaire with students of higher and technical courses of the Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Sul - Erechim Campus, aged between 18 and 34 years. The answers were analyzed to see how the participants evaluate their bodies and the jeans available in the market. In the sequence, an experiment was carried out evaluating the perception of comfort that the users had in the use of jeans in different models and fabrics, as well as the pressure was measured by means of sensor film. The data were compared and correlated to determine pressure parameters considered comfortable by wearers during contact of the jeans with the body. It was observed that the pants with elastane presented different results in relation to the opinion of the participants and the pressure measurements shown by the sensors. That is, for both jeans with smaller sizes and those with larger sizes, participants rated jeans as comfortable, but the sensors measured higher pressure results for jeans of smaller sizes. This finding shows that by giving elasticity to the tissue, elastane may be masking excessive pressure being applied to the body and can cause health problems.


fashion design, human factors, clothing, contact pressure