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Propanolol as a treatment for deep infantile hemangioma: case report

Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal
Luján-Irastorza Jesús Estuardo,1 Durand-Montaño Carlos,1 Ávila-Rebollar Daniela,1 Ávila-Pérez Felipe de Jesús,1 Loof-Esquivel Monica Stephanie,1 Kava-Braverman Alejandro,1 Hernández-Ramos Roberto,1 Vargas-Hernández Víctor Manuel1


Background: Infantile hemangiomas (IH) are common neoplasms composed of proliferating endothelial cells. The duration and the growth rate are variable; some grow very poorly, while others grow rapidly and at an unpredictable rate. Despite the relative frequency of IH and the possible severity of complications, there are currently no uniform treatment guidelines. Although most are not worrisome, about 12% of IHs are significantly complex; propranolol has been adopted as a treatment.
Objective: report a clinical case of lactanate with hemangioma treated with propranolol.
Case report: A healthy newborn is presented, with the presence of small telangiectasias in the right hemicneck without association with obstetric trauma; of a healthy 31-year-old mother; During its evolution at 3 months of age, the area covered with telangiectasias turned deep blue and the growth of a protrusion began, ultrasound and angioresonance, showed soft tissues of the posterior cervical space a lobulated mass of 9.1x4.1x4.9cm in its longitudinal and transverse diameter respectively, diagnosing it as a deep hemangioma; which was treated with propanolol.
Discussion: Asymptomatic newborns with infantile neck hemangiomas are clinically controlled for the first six months of life, 60% of them develop life-threatening airway symptoms; the identification of the hemangioma was due to its rapid growth and not due to the alteration of surrounding structures that put the well-being of the infant at risk. Regarding the application of Propranolol, its administration was immediately after its identification, to avoid future complications.
Conclusion: Administration of propranolol systemically eliminates the characteristic color and reduces the size of the hemangioma.


hemagioma, propanolol, imaging, management