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Catheter placement for hemodialysis in a covid-19 patient in the prone by anatomy, a case report

Journal of Cardiology & Current Research
Nestor Gomez-Maldonado,1 Rogelio Zayas-Bórquez,2 David Cucchiari,3 Juan Gonzalez-Hernandez,4 Gerson Marques-Pereira5


The use of renal replacement therapies in patients with SARS-COV2 infection accounts for up to 20% of patients admitted to the intensive care unit. In patients who develop a severe ARDS, the American and European guidelines recommend the prone position in order to improve pulmonary ventilation. However, the placement of a hemodialysis catheter is a great challenge and the use of technology, such as ultrasound, may help to reduce complications. However, when it is not available, the importance of an anatomical knowledge is vital for its successful colocation.


catheter, prone position, COVID-19, anatomic reference, CDC, hemodialysis, slow therapies, intensive care, ventilation-perfusion, ultrasound, sternocleidomastoid muscle