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Air pollution and COVID-19 lockdown 

Material Science & Engineering International Journal
Atef MF Mohammed, Elham F Mohamed, Inas A Saleh, Nasser M Abdel-Latif 


This review will shed the light on the relationship between COVID-19 infection rates and air pollution. TIt focuses broadly on the impact of lockdown on air quality over major cities across the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. This concept will be covered via answer many open questions about the new COVID-19 problems. A quick look about the types of air pollutants and their health effects and supply a comprehensive knowledge in the air pollutants transport and multiple exposure pathways are explained. This review will elucidate the severe COVID-19 infections issues associated with different types of air pollutants. Additionally, it will discuss in details the impacts of short-term lockdown during COVID-19 and air quality in major cities around the world.


COVID-19, infection, pandemic, air pollution, lockdown and air quality