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Prevalence of melancholy in swat valley, Pakistan

MOJ Biology and Medicine
Zahid Iqbal,1Suliman,1Arshad Kabir,1Anwar Ali,2Muzafar Shah1


Melancholy is major mental challenges that is characterize by sadness, sleep disorder, decrease energy, etc. It also have a great social and mental consequences, it is well know that depression will be the second largest cause of disability globally till 2020. The risk are even higher in developed countries. According to world health organization globally it effect more than 121 million people. Depression is a complex and multi-dimensional anarchy according to it has many faces and cannot be describing by one simple formula because it originate from numerous complex mechanism. Multi-faced nature of depression makes it difficult to find out its etiology. The purpose of this study is to find out the prevalence of melancholy in different age groups and genders in district Swat. Overall 300 samples were collected randomly across different age groups and genders in which we found the prevalence of melancholy were 48.3% in which male depressed individual were 27.6% while female depressed were 20.6%. The number of depressed individual were maximum in age group vary from 10-20 which is 15%. To conclude depression is easily manageable but it need understanding that how to control your feeling and thought and think new and positively.


melancholy, sadness, sleep disorder, swat, Pakistan