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Understanding of life style disorders and their prevention in Unani medicine

MOJ Women's Health
Sayed Tauleha,1 Mohammad Zulkifle,2 Waqar Ahmed,1 Sana Kausar1


Non communicable diseases (NCDs) are the group of diseases which remain restricted to the affected person only. Various diseases like Atherosclerosis, Myocardial infarction, COPDs, Diabetes, Obesity etc are included in NCDs. According to Unani system of medicine replenishment to the body is provided by Quwwat Gh?dhiya (Nutritive faculty) and its four assisting Quw? i.e Quwwat J?dhiba (Absorptive faculty), Quwwat M?sika (Retentive faculty), Quwwat H??ima (Digestive faculty)andQuwwat D?fi‘a (Expulsive faculty).TheseQuw? are served by Kayfiy?t Arba‘a (Four qualities)i.e ?ar?rat,Bur?dat, Ru??bat and Yub?sat. So any deviation in these Kayfiy?t Arba‘a may lead to NCDs. NCDs are endogenous in origin and their causes may primarily or secondarily be related to the diet. The diet is never absolute. During Ha?m ‘U?w? , Quwwat Gh?dhiya takes only required nutritive substances from it and remaining parts are excreted from the body in the form of Fuzlat (waste materials). The nature and duration of NCDs depends upon the nature of these Fuzlat. When Fuzlat accumulate in any organ, swelling may result e.g Waram al-Kabid (Hepatic swelling).?ab?‘at may divert the fuzlat to other organs of the body to decrease the Imtil? (Congestion) and protects the body from harmful effects. Various skin disorders likeTaqashshur al-Jild (Psoriasis), Mental disorders like Sahr (Insomnia),M?lankh?liya (Melancholia) etc arebecause of Fuzlat and are included in NCDs. 


ha?m ‘u?w?, kayfiy?t arba‘a , Ncds, prevention, quw?