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The anatomy education during Covid 19 and the future challenges

MOJ Biology and Medicine
Maslarski I,1 Stoikov V,1 Ingilizova G2


The COVID-19 pandemic has had profound impacts on medical education globally. Worldwide, most medical students have missed months of educational experience that is considered fundamental in their training. Advances in technology are a potential solution to the problem. Forms of interactive learning, use of online platforms, as well as variants of e-lecture teaching are considered as alternatives to in-person teaching, as a part of a modernized anatomy curriculum. In addition to the already widespread online meeting platforms, we also discuss the use of video recordings with integrated slides, real pictures and short videos which can be uploaded onto the university platform Moodle. Alternatives to dissections, prosections, plastination, microscopy and videos are considered as potential forms of organization in the learning process. In regards to dissections, the problem of acquiring practical skills in an environment of social distancing and the successful accomplishment of tests and exams is also discussed. 


anatomy education, COVID-19, learning approaches