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Transcranial magnetic stimulation in a male brain and his genitals for the influence of his genital system with problems related to his spermatozoa mobility and density

Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal
Photios Anninos,1 Nikolia Anninou,2 Adam Adamopoulos,1 Nikolaos Tsagas3

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Studies on a case of a woman that experienced many miscarriages without having any serious gynecological problems led us to search as an alternative to examine in a microbiological diagnostic laboratory her husband’s genital system. This test detected problems in man’s genital system. To overcome these problems, we thought of applying weak magnetic fields of the order of pT-TMS (pico-Tesla Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) on man’s brain and genital system in order to influence his genital system for its proper function with respect to the movement, the density and the better penetration of the spermatozoa after ejaculation in his wife ovule.


MEG, pT-TMS, spermatozoa, man genitals