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A review on plant disease diagnosis through biosensor

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Plant pathogen detection is recognizing microscopic organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi in quick reaction settings at nurseries, natural landscapes and micropopagation stage in infected plant tissue. Early detection provides opportunity to farmer to take proper measurement and save the crops from complete failure. For plant protection or disease control, simultaneous detection of all the present phytopathogenic microbes with quick and high accuracy is of great importance in all areas related agriculture and environmental safety. In these regard, biosensors technology in plant disease detection in broad-spectrum has advantage like lessening the investigation time and sensitivity through automation and integrating multiple processes in a single piece of equipment. The use of different types of biosensor based on colorimeter, electrochemical signal, lights emissions and nanomaterials for pioneering and sensitive biosensing systems for the recognition of pathogens is also shown. The untamed potential of various biosensors with some limitations for plant disease detection has been briefly reviewed in this article.


biosensor, plant pathogen, disease, nanotechnology, agriculture