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Unilateral breast carcinoma with three different histological types-case report

Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research
Aditi Shivcharan Agrawal,1 Rajshri Kelkar,2 Tuhina Mishra3

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Breast cancer is the commonest malignancy in the world Unilateral serous or serosanguinous nipple discharge is always a cause for concern. 10% of the cases are due to malignant causes. However, we report a rare case of a 52 year old woman with serosanguinous nipple discharge who was later diagnosed with unilateral breast carcinoma with three different histological types which were not detected by mammogram and a MRI Breast was needed to diagnose it. It is a rarity and not reported till date.


histopathology, MRI breast, malignancy, serosanguinous