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Morphology of coronary arteries in relation to ischemic heart disease


Background: The anatomical features of the coronary circulation show some interesting data which have been obtained by both in vivo and post-mortem studies.

Methods: This editorial describes the morphology and main alterations of coronary arteries, which supply blood flow to heart muscle, observed in the ischemic heart disease.

Results: The great majority of myocardial muscle is under the control of the left coronary arteries: the left main coronary artery and its branches, the left anterior descending artery, and circumflex artery, which provide several arterial vessels particularly to the left anterior ventricular wall, interventricular septum and apex of the heart. Therefore, a large portion of the posterior left ventricular wall is supplied by left coronary circulation. The right coronary artery supplies blood flow to the posterior wall of the heart and the right atrium. Coronary anastomoses have been demonstrated into the myocardium showing that coronary arteries widely communicate among themselves. The main lesions of the coronary tree in subjects suffering from ischemic heart disease are related to coronary atherosclerosis.

Conclusion: Morphology of coronary arteries is strongly influenced by ischemic pathology of the heart.


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