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An aspect of nutrition and main food sweeteners in the diet

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Food additives are factors in both health reason and food production. Sweeteners are utilized in large scale because of biochemistry, production, obesity, food structure, economy, functional property, and research and development efforts of food industry. Intake of high calorie nutrients such as sugar in the nutrition are important factors against increasing trends of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes and some of chronic diseases. In healthy nutrition, the sufficient calorie intake must be recommended for basal metabolism and usual daily activities due to individual and environment conditions. Sweeteners are also food additives and using commonly for low calorie nutrition or from other reasons such as bulk of foods. natural sweeteners can be suggested such as stevia, together with balanced and low calorie diet including vegetables, and other food types due to diet originality that change in different societies, economies, regions and education levels of people. Traditional nutrition such as Mediterranean diet can be recommended for balanced diet. This topic was reviewed under light of literature. 


biochemistry, foods, JEFCA, sweeteners, obesity, nutrition, food formulas, side effects, health