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Surgical correction of a corneal-conjunctival dermoid cyst in a dog (canis lupus familiars). Clinical case

Journal of Dairy, Veterinary & Animal Research
Roberto J Lope-Huaman, Rolfi Y Huaman-Suarez, Alexandra Curasco-Ayma, Miriam O de la Cruz-Caviedes 

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A one and a half year old female American bully canine with the presence of chronic epiphora, with hyperemia, accompanied by bilateral uveitis, was presented for consultation. In the eye examination, a corneal choristoma was observed, from two to six o'clock (hourly nomenclature) the clinical diagnosis is compatible with a dermoid cyst with a corneo-conjunctival location in the left eye (LE). Treatment was by surgical removal of the dermoid, in surgery it was observed that the choristoma invaded the stromal layer of the cornea and encompassed the limbus and conjunctiva, with a favorable prognosis. The low frequency of appearance and location, and its surgical resolution accompanied by a prompt recovery of the cornea, makes it of interest in a clinical case, with a satisfactory result and the postoperative period passed without secondary recurrences.


Corneal dermoid, Surgical removal of the dermoid, choristoma, canine