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To study natural herbal dyes on cotton fabric to improving the colour fastness and absorbency performance

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Rohit Kumar,1 Ramratan,2 Anupam Kumar,3 Devanand Uttam3

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Nowadays, all consumers are more preference for the natural herbal textile dye garment products. These herbal dye cloths are more eco friendly products. It is give non-toxic, chemical free product and this does not harmful environment nature. Herbal textile is dyed entirely with herbal extraction, without using any sort of chemical. The herbs used different from vegetable dyes as they are not only natural but also have medicinal value. These herbs are applied directly to the fabric with the help of natural ingredients, So that the medicinal value of the herbs can be kept intact, because synthetic dyes large amount of waste and unfixed colorants poses serious health hazard and are disturbing the eco balance of nature. Environmental issues in the production and application of synthetic dyes once again revived consumer interest in natural dyes. In this research work we have applied natural herbal dyes on cotton fabrics surface. This work has used natural herbal dyes like turmeric, aloe vera, neem, beetroot, pomegranate and onion. Edible gum and cow urine has used to improve in colour fastness and dye absorbency performance. This research main aims to give a new approach natural herbal dyes products will more used in textile sector. It will more help to reduce diseases problem skin allergies and skin infection.


cotton fabric, edible gum, cow urine, wash fastness, rubbing fastness, colour fastness to light