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Bound lengths for type-I progressive hybrid burr type-XII censored data under SS-PALT

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Our main focus on combining two different approaches, Step-Stress Partially Accelerated Life Test and Type-I Progressive Hybrid censoring criteria in the present article. The fruitfulness of this combination has been investigated by bound lengths for unknown parameters of the Burr Type-XII distribution. Approximate confidence intervals, Bootstrap confidence intervals and One-Sample Bayes prediction bound lengths have been obtained under the above scenario. Particular cases of Type-I Progressive Hybrid censoring (Type-I and Progressive Type-II censoring) has also evaluated under SS-PALT. Optimal stress change time also measured by minimizing the asymptotic variance of ML Estimation. A simulation study based on Metropolis-Hastings algorithm have carried out along with a real data set example.


Progressive Type-II, probability, Burr Type-XII distribution, chemical engineering, quality control