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Survey on the usefulness and effectiveness of the DX¶-introduced chronic disability registry

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This  survey  presents  methods  for  enhancing  and  promoting  health  information  for  each  life course, especially resilient way of life course, to introduce an example of surveys for realization of the field of disability health. In this survey, we will verify the usefulness of data utilization related to health from the viewpoint of self-management performed by “individuals” such as persons with disabilities/families. To this end, we will first develop and  evaluate  onset/exacerbation  algorithms  in  normal  times  using  biometric  information  sensors  and  environmental  sensors.  Next,  assuming  an  emergency  with  health  risks,  we  will  verify  them  by  measuring  their  changes.  In  addition  to  a  qualitative  survey,  we  will  propose “matters necessary for preparation for normal times” from the perspective of the parties  concerned.  Through  these,  we  will  explore  the  usefulness  of  data  utilization  for  “individuals” and “groups” while adding the perspectives of patients/parties.


disability registry, DX (digital transformation), PHR (personal health record), individual life course, wearable device, outcome information, resilience (resilient way of life course), perspectives of patients/parties