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Comparative analysis of China (Han) & Bangladesh cultural authentication and transformation context on “Motif Design”

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Md Moniruzzaman,1 Md Eanamul Haque Nizam,2 Md Tanjubul Hasan,3 Md Ahosanul Karim,4 Maria Afrin Shammi,5 Lamia Nasif Raisa6

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Now a day, fashion design and clothing manufacturing is going to update day by day. Modern fashion designers are interested to work with the new color, trend, design, pattern, cutline. “Motif Design" and its application may have been a positive way to deal with the ideal tasteful look, while social confirmation and diversification have been considered as key factors. In this study, the author tries to investigate the cultural elements motif between Bangladesh and china (Han). The author investigates different Blogs, magazines, journals, and websites used for the analysis. In order to make this research authentic and credible different local and international published books and articles have been studied. Different websites helped by representing historical progress and reference of the information which adorned in this research. Few Bangladeshi and Chinese apparel fashion brands those who worked with traditional costume were also a way to understand today's influence of Cultural elements. After the analysis, the author finds some features of motif like style, positioning, color and pattern. The research team analyzes those points from the view of two sides. Then the authors finally find out the key similarities from the analysis between the two countries. From the finding, the author designs (flat sketch) a series of dresses for the Contemporary market for future sustainability.


Motif, Cultural elements, Cultural transformation, Flat sketch, Collection, Sustainability