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Comparison between types of gastrostomy tubes. A literature review

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics
João Alfredo Diedrich Neto,1 Marcos Orestes Gonçalves,2 Vinicius beck da Silveira,2 Eduarda Paitl Agostinho,2 Arthur Freccia,2 Luize Cristine Dias,2 Matheus Ferreira de Moraes2

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In order to assess which type of gastrostomy tube is the most indicated in a general parameter, a bibliographic review and analysis was carried out between scientific articles and books in order to understand the positive and negative sides of each model. From this, it is noted that there are clear individualities, in functional aspects, cost and contraindications. It was observed the importance of a trained professional to perform the best choice for the procedure.


gastrostomy, botton tube, balloon tube; peg tube, gastrointestinal tract, surgical gastrostomy, endoscopic gastrostomy, fluoroscopic gastrostomy, subserous tunnel, several techniques, behavioral disorders, neurological damage, mechanical trauma, collapsible internal retainer