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Weed plants used as bioindicators of special soil characteristics

Horticulture International Journal
Luis Felipe Ramírez-Santoyo,1 Rafael Guzmán-Mendoza,1 Adrián Leyte-Manrique,2 Manuel Darío Salas-Araiza1


Weed plants offer a lot of useful information for crop management, so it is important to recognize some cases where their properties as bio indicators of soil quality are observed. Despite the fact Bajiois an important region for mexican agriculture, weeds are Little known as tolos for monitoring the properties of an agroecosystem. Interviews to farmers were made to know their experience on weed flora, complementing the above, appreciations of the biodiversity weed knowledge are exposed. The documentation of the selected species in this work shows that weed plants can provide useful information to farmers for the management of soils and crops. A greater knowledge about the diversity of weeds can generate sustainability índices for the agroecosystems.


weeds, agroecosystems, soils, Guanajuato, traditional knowledge, agroecology, agricultural activities, soil salinization, chemical inputs, particularly herbicides, insecticides, agricultural recovery, manual extraction, Cyperus rotundus, functional properties