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Considerations on liver transplantation. concise literature review and update

Journal of Anesthesia & Critical Care: Open Access
Ahmed Fouad Mady,1,2 Waleed Tharwat Aletreby,1 Omar Elsayed Ramadan,1,3 Mohammed Ali Alodat,1 Abdulrahman Mishaal Alharthy,1,4 Dimitrios Karakitsos1,5

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Liver transplantation has gone through significant improvement since its start early last century. Which resulted in an increased demand unmatched by availability of donors, hence, several new approaches were devised to maintain an adequate supply of grafts, paralleled with tremendous efforts to minimize graft rejection in many aspects of the procedure, particularly, choice of patients to be transplanted, pre-operative preparation, intra-operative anesthetic as well as surgical management, the care of the transplanted patient in the intensive care unit, and finally long term follow up.The aim of this review was to update on the most recent approaches involves in different steps of the procedure.Several new modalities of management and interventions were recognized, pertaining to patient allocation, perioperative period, critical care management, and follow up.


liver transplantation