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Truka girls: Staging a history of resistance and struggle

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This article tells the story of resistance of the young Truká against governmental projects that destroy the environment in which their tribe lives. For them, the land, the river, the forests, the people, the ancestors and the culture are one thing and are considered sacred. This article is the outcome of a study developed in the Sao Francisco River area, hinterlands in Northeast of Brazil, between 2013 and 2016, where construction for the transposition of the river has been taking place. It is in this same area, known as the Marijuana Polygon, location of dangerous transit due to the violence imposed by drug barons, that the Truka tribe lives, threatened by the construction of plants and by the transposition of the river. We intend to demonstrate how indigenous girls play a protagonist role in this struggle for their land keeping and for their ethnic identity preservation through theater


Truka tribe, environmental justice, resistance, girl´s agency, theatrical performance