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The preparedness of the radiology department at Damascus Hospital during COVID-19 lockdown

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The outbreak of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic originated in China Wuhan province in December 2019, China and it causes severe acute respiratory and lung infection. Up to this date, over 5 million people around the world especially in Italy, USA and Iran have been infected with the virus. The Syrian government represented in Ministry of Health and other health authorities have responded to this outbreak with lockdown of the public and private activities among many other procedures. These responses are led by public health authorities in coordination with the hospitals in the Syrian cities including Damascus Hospital which belongs to Ministry of Health. Damascus hospital and other hospitals which belong to Ministry of Health continued to receive referrals of patients during the lockdown period for their diagnosis. As Damascus hospital is considered the largest hospital, the review will focus on services that had been offered by it.


COVID-19, pandemic, severe acute respiratory infection, ministry of health, SARS-CoV-2