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Prevalence of hypertension, arterial stiffness and risk factor association

Journal of Cardiology & Current Research
Antonio de Assis Oliveira Alves Filho,1 Rafael Oliveira Lopes,2 Roberta de Castro Araújo Cunha,2 Juan Jailson Oliveira Almeida Costa,2 Larissa Ribeiro Bessa,2 Rodrigo Lins Sant’Ana de Lima,2 Alana dos Reis Silva,2 Magno Conceição das Merçês,2 Diorlene Oliveira da Silva,2 Cecília Freitas da Silva Araújo,1 Nivaldo Menezes Filgueiras Filho,2 Lucélia Batista Neves Cunha Magalhães2

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Background: Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of mortality worldwide and are directly linked to their risk factors, highlighting systemic arterial hypertension (SAH). Pulse wave velocity (PWV) is a predictor of cardiovascular risk. Its increase directly implies morbidity and mortality.
Objective: To estimate the prevalence of SAH and arterial stiffness in a community in Salvador-BA to stratify and verify association according to sociodemographic and clinical characteristics.
Method: Cross-sectional study in the Vale do Ogunjá, Salvador-BA. Sociodemographic variables were analyzed using a questionnaire survey. The examinations were performed at the FTC Clinic, such as the measurement of arterial stiffness using the SphygmoCor applanation tonometer (Atcor Medical Blood Pressure Analysis System, Sydney, Australia). Prevalence was used as a measure of occurrence, Prevalence Ratio (PR) and several confidence intervals (95% CI) as a measure of association, estimated as a function of Odds Ratio using binary logistic regression. The 5% level of statistical significance was adopted.
Results: 151 individuals were studied, the prevalence of SAH was 30.46% and Arterial Stiffness was 25.2%. There was an association between these variables and the chance of having arterial stifness in the presence of SAH is 3.7 times greater in relation to non-hypertensive patients, PR 3.7 (p <0.05; 95% CI: 1.6-8, 5). SAH was associated with age, dysglycemia and overweight, while arterial stiffness was associated with age between 40 to 74years, low education and obesity.
Conclusion: There was a prevalence of SAH 30.7% and arterial stiffness 25.8%, and an association of exposure with age and BMI was also observed.


hypertension, arterial stiffness, epidemiology, prevalence, pulse wave analysis, diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension, chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular diseases, world health organization, prevalence ratio, abdominal obesity, BMI, capillary glycemia