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Online hypnotic psychotherapy with distant patients


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forced many psychotherapists using hypnosis with their patients to venture into unexplored and undiscovered territory. They were challenged not only by technologies such as videoconferencing and the written and unwritten codes of online behavior, but also by the primary and well established rules of hypnotic and psychotherapeutic arts, which became challenging and confusing in the new digital environment. In the current paper, I will present the challenges of online hypnotic psychotherapy (H-psychotherapy) for professionals. Some practical recommendations for H-psychotherapy utilizing teleconference equipment will be offered. Additionally, specific techniques and strategies for the online implementation of hypnosis will be presented. Subjective and inter subjective factors that have to be addressed during online H- psychotherapy will be emphasized and discussed. All of the elements mentioned above are essential for working online with hypnosis while helping create and develop a safe, effective, and therapeutic space that can bypass the technological, physical, and psychological barriers.


H-psychotherapy, coronavirus, hypnotic interactions, teletherapy, online cameras, microphones, hypnosis, patient’s externally oriented trance