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Acupuncture research methods

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Acupuncture as a method of non-traditional medical procedures and diagnostics, as well as being used for therapeutic purposes. Although this method has become the subject of mass research, a complete theory of the method has not yet been formed. The initial problem is related to the mechanism of action of acupuncture. Based on research, we can say that there are two approaches to explaining the mechanism of action. One is based on Chinese philosophy and the other on Western thought.One of the unexplored areas of acupuncture research is its application as a diagnostic tool.The fundamental basis of the application of diagnostics by scientists Foll, Nakatani and others has been explained experimentally. However, there are few studies involving acupuncture in the collection of diagnostic information. The article was analyzed by looking at the essence of the Acupuncture Diagnostic Method and the researches in this field. Basic analyzes and researches on acupuncture points were examined, indicators obtained in acupuncture research were determined.


acupuncture, electropuncture, diagnostics, electrical conductivity, acupuncture points