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Obligations implementation of parents are connected with article 26 verse 1 law number 35 of 2014 concerning child protection in Pangandaran village Pangandaran district Indonesia

Arts & Humanities Open Access Journal
Putri Tresno Ayu,1 Apit Nurmalasari2

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Child development is a very important development issue. The right of every child is guaranteed by the State. Not only the right to growth and development, but also the right to survival and the right to protection from violence and discrimination. The fulfillment of children’s needs is the responsibility of parents. The author want to see how the implementation of the obligations of parents towards children in Pangandaran Village related to Article 26 paragraph 1 of Law number 35 of 2014 concerning child protection. To achieve this goal, the authors use descriptive research methods with a normative juridical approach. The method delineates a problem and none of them draws precise general conclusions. The participation of the children in making a living and dropping out of school that occurs in Pangandaran Village is against the prevailing laws and regulations. To prevent children from dropping out of school, the role of parents and the government or local government is very important in an effort to encourage children to continue their education.


children’s rights, child protection, state, parental obligations, law, Pangandaran