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Prevention of stress in covid-19: a review 

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Stress is one of the regular aspect in every one’s day today life, especially current situation peoples experiencing highest level of stress due to deadly pandemic COVID-19, because rapid raise in number of positive cases across the globe i.e. more than 20 Million and in India itself approximately 5 million and death toll reached one million across the globe till date august 2020.But not yet found any vaccine or medicine to cure it till date. This also affected day today life of everyone including children’s to aged, business, schools and travel etc.

Objective of this article is: Main objective of this article is to highlight the stress and its prevention, especially in the current situation, whole world is suffering with the deadly pandemic disease/viral disease COVID-19.

COVID-19 which had epicenter in Wuhan province in China since December-2019 and today it caused to spread across the globe and claimed million plus lives with over 20 Million infected peoples till 20th august 2020 but not yet under control in most parts in the world except few countries.

How to prevent STRESS during this pandemic: Yoga/Meditation regular practicing can prevent/relieve stress, playing games helps to reduce stress. Read books can also be one of the best way to divert/relieve stress by reading articles & story. Develop positive attitude, involve in daily activities, mingle with friends and family members, Music: it will help to relieve stress significantly, painting: may help to divert from stress, Laughter therapy: may reduce stress and improves quality of life and Aerobic exercises: may help to rid of from stress.


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