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An optimized method of IgG’s precipitation with ammonium sulphate from hyper immune horse plasma for snake anti venom production

International Journal of Molecular Biology: Open Access
Hafiz Suboorul Hassan,1 Amina Najam,1 Ghazala Parveen,1 Hussain Ali,2 Rafique Ahmed Channa,3 Syeda Shazia Adeel4


The treatment of choice for the snake bite is the administration IgG antibodies that are raised in an animal body thorough immunization of the animals. To avoid potential adverse reactions that arises from introduction of animal antiserum in human body, the antibody needs to be purified from the other non-specific proteins like albumin. Optimal conditions for the fractionation of IgG’s were studied; ammonium sulfate was added to plasma up to 40% concentration to separate non-specific proteins, iso electric separation was carried out at pH 5.4, and the final IgG’s fractionation by the addition of ammonium sulfate up to 50% concentration. A highly purified and concentrated mixture of IgG’s was obtained after removal of ammonium sulfate through dialysis. The resulting anti venom was of good quality in terms of purity and was found to be highly potent against venoms of all four types of snakes. Owing to the high purity and greater potency of the anti venom the method has potential to be used for lab and commercial scale production of anti venom.


snake anti venom, passive immunity, immunization, horse, antibodies, ammonium sulfate fractionation