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Pharyngostomy and its management in a broken beak duck

MOJ Anatomy & Physiology
Kalaiselvan E, Swapan Kumar Maiti, Divya Mohan, Sowbarenya Chelladurai, Shivaraju S and Naveen Kumar

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The celebration of crackers during festivals wanes a threat to birds and atmosphere. Attractive cracker mimics like a prey for birds. A duck had injury of its beak by cracker explosion. The lower beak had fracture and burn wound on tongue. After examination, stabilization pharyngostomy tube placed for assisted internal feeding. Because, it serves oral cavity bypass and aids no movement of fracture lower beak. The assisted feeding tube was maintained in place for 12 days without discomfort. The duck recovered uneventfully and started feeding.


clinical complex, tongue, lower jaw, hematology, biochemical parameters, oral cavity, digital guidance, marked point, communicable nick, pharynx, communicating point, tube synchronized, birds, fragmentation, soft tissue, death