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Knee myopericytoma-case report and literature review

MOJ Orthopedics & Rheumatology
Susana Rodrigues,1 Catrine Ferreira,2 Tiago Coelho,1 Diogo Gaspar,1 Jean Fallah,1 Rui Lino,1 Nuno Geada1

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Myopericytoma is a rare neoplasm, usually benign, presenting with histological differentiation towards perivascular myoid spindled cells/pericytes. Knee involvement is extremely rare, with only seven published cases.
The authors present the case of a patient with knee involvement myopericytoma, highlighting the diagnostic challenges particular to this location and review the previous cases reported in the literature.


knee, myopericytoma, malignant myopericytoma, extremely rare, malignancy, slow-growing tumors, tumors, prostatic hyperplasia, knee pain, round and mobile, resonance imaging, ligament, hypo echogenicity, palpation, physical examination