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Reviewing stress in COVID-19 times

International Journal of Family & Community Medicine
Alina MAPN da Silva,1 Anita LR Saldanha,1 Ana Paula Pantoja Margeotto,1 Luiz Carlos Miller Paiva Nogueira da Silva,1 André Luis Valera Gasparoto,2 Tania Leme da Rocha Martinez1

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Covid-19 pandemic, apart from being a serious multi organ virus infectious disease, is a facilitator and also causal etiology of psychological and psychiatric manifestations. Much has been written on depression but manifestations of other behavioral problems appear either together or after its clinical course occurrence, being stress one of the most prevalent of all. Stress raises responses in the body from practically all of the organs such as tachycardia, dyspineia, anxiety and suffering emotions. This is a defense mechanism learnt since primordial times by mammals in occasions of fear of attack. Pathophysiologically it causes a hyper adrenergic state that triggers the symptoms that accompany it. Many metabolic changes occur in parallel and not only the health professional but the population itself must be aware of its potential occurrence and effects so that therapeutic and preventive measures may be installed. The excessive mechanisms of adaptation are responsible for adaptation diseases such as hypertension, infarction, ulcer, etc. The organism is therefore harmed by its own defense mechanisms, a fact that calls for clinical attention and intervention.


stress, adrenergic status, covid-19, psychological, psychiatric, depression, frustrations