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Mental health and metabolic disorders in children and adolescentes during the COVID-19 pandemic

Journal of Diabetes, Metabolic Disorders & Control
Luciana de Barros Correia Fontes, Criseuda Maria Benício Barros, Maria da Conceição de Barros Correia, Leonardo Bezerra Cavalcanti dos Santos, Kátia Maria Gonçalves Marques, Rosa Maria Mariz de Melo Sales Marmhoud Coury, Niedje Siqueira de Lima

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This Opinion type manuscript aimed to raise whether the mental health of children and adolescentes, during the COVID-19 pandemic, could impact the increase of metabolic disorders for this target group. This is based on reports obtained in the teleconsultancy of COVID-19 at the Public University in the city of Recife, northeastern Brazil, and on the literature consulted. Greater control of this age group and more specific research on the subject and possible impacts on quality of life are recommended.


coronavirus, metabolic diseases, comprehensive health care, anxiety, depression