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Severe metabolic acidosis and respiratory distress due to acute starvation in pregnancy: a case report

Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal
Kelly de Jong,1 Carissah JC Stewart,2 Gretel CR van Hoecke,1 Huibert H Ponssen2

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Maternal acidosis, due to acute starvation, is a medical emergency in which both mother and child are at risk for significant morbidity and mortality. Acute starvation in the third trimester of pregnancy causing maternal ketoacidosis should be identified rapidly, followed by the right treatment immediately. If starvation has occurred, substituting nutrients, intravenous glucose and prevention of circulatory hypovolemia are recommended. This case report presents a pregnant woman with acute starvation ketoacidosis. In this case, we present warning symptoms, such as respiratory distress, and the severe consequences of maternal acidosis.


Maternal acidosis, Acute starvation ketoacidosis, Alcohol abusis, Gestational diabetes