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The use of Ammi visnaga in the treatment of prediabetes and weight loss: the antioxidant impacts in diabetes treatment as a new medical hypothesis

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Introduction: Prediabetes status is considered as an important feature in either controlling the development or progression of diabetes. It may pass unnoticed because the symptoms of diabetes are usually not well established.

Study objectives: The main objectives of the present study were to explore the efficacy of using Ammi visnagain treating pre-diabetic cases and weight losing.

Methods and subjects: A prospective study was conducted to investigate the impact of using Ammi visnaga treatment of pre-diabetes and weight control. The study included 5 patients with pre-diabetes (glucose level was 128±32mg/dl). The age of patients was 42±18.5years. The study included 3 males and 2 females. In general, patients were overweight according to body mass index level was 28±7.8kg/m2 . The patients used the aqueous extract of Ammi visnaga for two months (200 ml daily). Results: At the end of the experiment, the glucose level was significantly reduced (p<0.05) to the level of 88±12.5mg/dl. There was also a significant reduction in the level of BMI from 28±7.8kg/m2 to 22±6.4kg/m2(p<0.05).

Conclusion: The results of the present study showed that Ammi visnaga has the therapeutic potential to control the progression of complete episodes of diabetes by controlling the pre-diabetic status. 


pre-diabetes, glucose, BMI, overweight, Ammi visnaga