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A case report of recurrent uterovaginal prolapse and cervical elongation in anulliparous female with a distorted Pelvis

Endocrinology & Metabolism International Journal
Nazli Hameed, Binyamin Butt, Rabia Jamshaid

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Recurrent uterovaginal prolapse adversely affects the life quality in women. Genitourinary prolapse affects around 40-50 % of women in their lifetimes with a higher incidence in women of advanced age and parity. It is less common in females of reproductive age, being particularly rare in nulliparous females. The reported incidence in this group is only 1%. In this case report we are highlighting a rare case of uterine prolapse in a young nulliparous woman after pelvic fracture. The cervix was also unusually long None of the previous surgeries took into account the elongated cervix with the prolapse, contributing to the so-called recurrence in this patient. The treatment of this patient was done by combining Sacro hysteropexy with Manchester Repair. 


recurrent uterovaginal prolapse, nulliparous, deformed pelvis, sacro hysteropexy