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Laryngeal framework surgery

Journal of Otolaryngology-ENT Research
Guilherme Simas do Amaral Catani,1 Maria Eduarda Carvalho Catani,2 Letícia Raysa Schiavon Kinasz,3 Gabriela Alves Marroni,1 Marcelly Botelho Soares,1 Patrícia Cristina Scarabotto,1 Rogério Hamerschmidt1

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Laryngeal framework surgery is defined as surgical procedures performed on the laryngeal skeleton and the insertion of muscles to correct vocal fold positioning and tension. Its main objective is to improve the voice without directly intervening in the vocal folds. The European Society of Laryngology proposed in 2000 a classification and nomenclature of these surgeries according to their purpose. Such standardization has divided these procedures into four groups: Approximation laryngoplasty, Expansion laryngoplasty, Relaxation laryngoplasty, and Tensioning laryngoplasty. Indications, techniques, and complications of each procedure will be described in this review.


Thyroplasty, presbyphonia, dysphonia