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Mikania micrantha mixed woven fabric for quick blood clotting and wound healing

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Shaikh Md Mominul Alam,1 Shilpi Akter,2 Md Lutfor Rahman3

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The aim of this paper is to introduce novel dressing with Mikania Micrantha for quick blood clotting and wound healing. When epidermis of human skin is cut or scrapped, sometimes too much bleeding occurs. Excessive bleeding may cause death, if bleeding is not stopped immediately. To promote blood clotting & wound healing natural based bio materials are still insufficient in medical textile sector. To fill up this scarcity, woven fabric treated with Mikania micrantha leaf juice & leaf powder was examined. M. micrantha exhibits good blood clotting time in comparison with available dressing materials. Woven fabric (bandage) that contains M. micrantha can be used for cut wounds healing purpose. The experiments were carried out in environment friendly way which indicates the production & processing of these dressing materials can have enormous contribution to sustainable operations and products.


Mikania micrantha, Bood clotting, Wound healing, Skin