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Hemangiolymphangioma of buccal cheek- a rare case report with review of literature

Journal of Dental Health, Oral Disorders & Therapy
Divyachampa DN Khaunte, Praveen S Kumar, Vikas Dhupar, Mohan Naik

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Vascular anomalies are divided in two Groups-Hemangiomas and Vascular malformation. Hemangioma and Lymphangioma are both examples of vascular tumours. Hemangiomas are proliferative vascular lesions present since birth While Lymphangiomas are hamartomatous tumours of lymphatic vessels. Sometimes pathologically, lymphatic channels may be seen in hemangioma thus, categorising them based on predominant component in Hemangiolymphangioma or Lymphangiohemangioma. In this present article, we have presented a case report of 5-year-old child with haemangiolymphangioma of buccal cheek with review of all cases in oral cavity reported in the literature. We have also enumerated various treatment modalities. 


hemangiolymphangioma, hemangioma, lymphangioma, oral cavity, vascular anomalies, palpation, swelling, soft, fluctuant, non-tender, compressible, soft, fluctuant, non-tender, compressible