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AdvanceSyn Toolkit: An open-source suite for model development and analysis in biological engineering

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Modelling and simulations are useful means to screen potential experimental designs for metabolic engineering. Genome-scale models of metabolism (GSM) and kinetic models (KMs) are the two main approaches for modelling, which resulted in largely disjoint computational tools for GSMs and KMs. Existing tools for GSMs require knowledge of the underlying programming languages while the development and merger of two or more KMs is difficult. In this work, AdvanceSyn Toolkit is an open-sourced high-level command-line tool to develop KMs, and to analyse GSMs and KMs;licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, for academic and not-for-profit use. It elevates the need to know the underlying programming language for GSM analysis. AdvanceSyn Model (ASM) specification is a simple and modular format for model development and AdvanceSyn Toolkit provides a method to merge two or more model files for simulation and sensitivity analysis.


simulations, AdvanceSyn, biological engineering, sensitivity, Genome