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Depressive symtons related to productibility of administrative employees

Hospice & Palliative Medicine International Journal
Nádia Silva, Karina Trindade, Vanessa Barros

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The most prevalent pathologies in population are depressive disorders that produce significant impact on the quality of life and productivity of affected individuals. This article aims to identify and describe the relationship between possible depressive symptoms and the productivity of administrative workers. This study is characterized as a descriptive and quantitative research. For data collection, the BECK II depression questionnaire and another self-assessment of productivity, specifically designed for this study, were applied. Among the 45 respondents of the BECK II questionnaire, there was a loss of 6% (n = 3), and of the 44 respondents of the self-assessment of productivity, there was a loss of 4% (n = 2) of the sample due to inadequate completion of the questionnaires. The final sample corresponds to 42 collaborators, most of them are male (= 23, however, it has been found that women, single, and in the age group of 26 to 35 years have higher prevalence to possible depressive symptoms. The results of some variables investigated in the self-assessment of productivity were more negative in the groups with possible symptoms of depression compared to the group without depressive symptoms.


Depression, Productivity, Collaborato