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Assessment of prevalence and its direct financial loss due to liver condemnation of bovine fasciolosis on beef cattle slaughtered at municipal abbatoir of mudulla, Tembaro woreda, SNNPR, Ethiopia

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Bovine fasciolosis is an important parasitic disease which imposes direct economic loss due to condemnation of affected organs mainly liver. A cross sectional study design based on active abattoir survey was conducted from November 2017 to February, 2018 with the aim of determining the prevalence and associated direct financial loss of bovine fasciolosis in Municipal abattoir of Tembaro district. A total of 384 liver of indigenous male cattle slaughtered during the study period were considered and 180(46.87%) were found to be positive for Fasciola species. Out of these positive samples; Fasciola hepatica was the predominant (58.2%) species followed by Fasciola gigantic (31.66%) and mixed (9.44 %) respectively. The highest prevalence of fasciolosis was recorded in beef cattle those with poor body conditioned (82.35%) and the least in good conditioned (18.51%) and the difference in the prevalence was statistically significant (P<0.05).Relatively the higher prevalence was recorded in age group of >10 years (61.6%) and the low in 3-5 years (35%), and there was a statistical significant association (p<0.05) between age group and occurrences of fasciolosis. The infection rates in different market origins of animals was also analyzed and found to be statistically non-significant. The total annual economic loss from fasciolosis due to liver condemnation during the study time was estimated to be 39,370.8 Ethiopian Birr ($USA1236.52). Finally, the abattoir based prevalence recorded in this study area suggests that bovine fasciolosis is an economically important parasitic disease of cattle in the study area. Therefore, a detailed epidemiological study as well as assessment of the overall indirect economic loss incurred due to fasciolosis is required to implement systematic disease prevention and control methods in the study area.


abattoir, bovine, fasciolosis, indigenous, prevalence